What are the implications of UAE corporate tax for medium-sized companies?

When the new tax regime is introduced businesses may need to adjust their pricing models, increase revenue streams, or identify cost-saving measures to offset the impact of the tax

Climate-resilient healthcare systems - an urgent need for the world

The COP 28 conference, taking place in the UAE from November 30-December 12, 2023, is as much about climate change as it is about building sustainable models in every sector, including healthcare

COP28 in Dubai: The landscape of climate commitments in the GCC

In this piece, we take a quick look at the current state of play in terms of climate commitments from the GCC, exploring their net zero targets and the concrete plans that lie behind them
It’s been an extremely volatile but overall positive start to the year for financial markets so far. Let’s get prepared for uncertainty, and opportunities, ahead.

The Golden Illusion: The Case for Gold as a Short-term Trading Asset

One of the main shortcomings of gold as a long-term investment is that it lacks intrinsic value. Unlike stocks, bonds, or real estate, gold does not yield dividends, interest, or cash flows

Is global debt posing a risk to economies?

Higher interest expenses are already straining less-creditworthy governments and corporates, as well as lower-income households
By eliminating, or at least minimizing, the risk of widespread bank runs, regulators could allow banks to fail with limited collateral damage
Heading into 2023, with the pandemic waning in the public discourse, there is much to look forward to. That said, the optimism should not betray the financial lessons that the global economy exuded in 2022



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